Starting Fee (per device): Prices:
Diagnosis 350,00
Mobil/Tablet Support 500,00
Quicksupport (Up to 15 minutes) 80,00
Unit Prices (per device):  
Creation of backup 450,00
Restoration of backup 450,00
Malware scanning/removal 700,00
Windows reinstallation incl. drivers 875,00
PC/mobile device reset incl. update 700,00
Setting up a PC 1750,00
Transport and handling 250,00
Unit Prices (per GB):  
Data recovery 50,00
Data destruction 25,00
Unit Prices (per hour):  
Remote Support 200,00
Onsite (-25% for pickup) 525,00
Submission for repair 300,00
B2B support 300,00
Consultant assistance 250,00

All prices include 25% VAT and are in Danish Kroner.

  • Diagnosis and Mobil/Tablet Support includes up to 0,5 hours of support and should be considered as the starting fee for any support inquiry.
  • All onsite support services are billed per started 0,5 hours.
  • All online support services are billed per 0,25 hours for private users and per started 0,5 hour for businesses (via  remote support/phone/email).
  • 10 email-independent support inquiries will be billed as 1 time of Quicksupport.
  • Setting up a PC includes our current software package; a list can be requested upon inquiry.
  • Transport and handling fees cover transportation, administration, telephone, electricity  and internet usage, etc.
  • For larger and longer tasks, contact us for a quote.
  • Remote support can also be provided outside normal opening hours, without any additional charge, but only after prior agreement with the consultant.
  • For backup to external media, an additional supplement may be required for the purchase of media.
  • Support outside opening hours or without prior agreement is billed with a surcharge per hour corresponding to the price of consultant assistance.
  • There is a 7-day warranty period for performed support, valid from the date of pickup of the submission or completion of an online session.

Payment should be made via bank transfer (MobilePay is not accepted): Arbejdernes Landsbank, Sort Code: 5326 Account: 0352118

There is an 8-day payment deadline for B2B, and a 14-day deadline for private customers.

With a prior agreement with the support consultant, a maximum of 3 months' installment payment of issued invoices is granted.

We collaborate with Denmark's largest debt collection agency, Collectia, and use them to recover unpaid invoices when the payment deadline has been exceeded, and the 3rd reminder has been sent.

In the event of a dispute over a performed service, and if the customer does not voluntarily wish to pay a forwarded invoice, the matter will be transferred to legal debt collection at the Civil Court after the dispatch of the 2nd reminder.