Starting Salary: Prices:
Diagnosis  350,00
Prices per hour:  
Remote support  180,00
Service repair  210,00
Onsite support  500,00
Consulting assistance  210,00
Business to Business 300,00
Prices per unit:  
Create backup  450,00
Restore backup 400,00
Data destruction 700,00
Malware scan/removal  700,00
Data-recovery per GB 50,00
Re-installation, operating system  700,00
Upgrading, operating system 350,00
Deployment of a new PC 1700,00
Software-renewal 175,00
Software-installation  150,00
Hardware-installation 200,00
Reset of PC 700,00
Mobile / Tablet support 500,00
Transport and handling  250,00

All prices are incl. 25% VAT and in Danish kroner

  • Diagnosis are incl. up to 30 min. support.
  • All onsite time based support services are charged per 1,00 hour. (at the customer).
  • All online time based support services are charged per 0,25 hour for private users and per 0,5 hour for businesses (by remote support/phone).
  • Transport and handling fee covers transportation, administration, telephone, electricity  and internet usage, etc.
  • For larger and longer-term tasks, contact us for an offer.
  • Remote support can also be provided outside normal business hours, without any additional cost, but only by appointment with the consultant in advance.
  • For backup to external media must be expected extra sur-charges for purchasing media.

Payment can only be made through Bank Transfer: 

There is an 8-day limit on B2B payments, and 14-day limit for private payments.

If you are unable to pay the full amount at once it is possible to receive up to 3 months of credit. However, you need make a prior arrangement with us to do that.

If a dispute arises about a service performed and the customer does not voluntarily wish to pay an sent invoice, the case will, after the second reminder is sent, be transferred to judicial collection at the Civil Court.

We co-operate with the largest debt recovery agency: Collectia, and uses them to recover unpaid invoices when payment is exceeded and reminder # 3 is sent out.