Warranty Periods & Warranty:

  • 7 days for Offline Services (at the address / our workshop)
  • 3 days of Online Services (online / telephone)
If there is a problem with the service you received, and you make us aware of this within our warranty period, we will do everything possible to correct the problem as quickly as possible and at no extra cost to you.

All our services should be regarded as a benefit, and unless it is actually agreed to
limit the office's responsibility, you can in principle complain about repairs for up to
three years. However, the law requires the customer to prove that it is the same error that was not fixed properly in the first place, or that it is our
consultant's service, which caused a new error.

There is no right of return on our services, unless otherwise agreed in
advance with the consultant carrying out the task.


Raven Computers make this website information, text and graphics available
under terms and conditions described below.

You accept these terms of use, without exception, by using or
visiting the website.

We reserve the right to modify these terms without notice.

Raven Computers reserves all rights to the website and its content. All
reproduction or copying from this website or parts thereof without Raven
Computers' written consent is not permissible under current Danish copyright law.
This applies, for example, but is not limited to, logos, text, drawing,
program code, source code and technical solutions.

All use of the Raven Computers website is at your own risk. We do our best to ensure
content of the website is as accurate as possible, but make the website available as
it is and without warranty of any kind.

Raven Computers accepts no liability for any price changes or typographical errors and may under no circumstances be liable for any damage, inconvenience or loss that has occurred after use of data or content from this website, or after a consultant has been accessed a system.

It is the customer's own responsibility to ensure there is proper backup
of data prior to our consultant accessing their systems, unless otherwise agreed with the consultant in advance.

If a customer approaches Raven Computers, and this request will be answered either by telephone or e-mail. this is considered a service from our side, and therefore will be invoiced thereafter at our normal online support hourly rates.
This does not apply to the first request, which must be submitted via our contact form, pr. e-mail or telephone.

Raven Computers's consultants can and should only install software on systems where there is associated legal proof of license for these. This proof must always be displayed when a Raven Computers consultant wants proof that the software is genuine,
and not in conflict with Danish law in general.

By using this homepage and contacting Raven Computers, the customer agrees and gives full permission for storage of their personal data, including full name, address, phone-numbers, IP-address, ISP, browser, operating system and e-mail, etc. for use in any future support. According to the data law of May 25, 2018, the data will be treated as confidential, and will immediately be erased if the customer requests it. However, we reserve the right to continual storage of customer name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail information for a period of up to five years for accounting and tax reasons. 

Raven Computers reserves the right to send an e-mail to registered customers
when there is information that Raven Computers finds important or useful for
customer, to a maximum of 12 such e-mails per year. This does not include messages that the customer has requested or taken part in.

All inquiries should be directed to us by e-mail, website contact form or via our facebook profile. On weekdays (monday to thursday), messages can also be made on our voicemail and we will return as soon as possible. At latest, within 24 hours, or the next working day after the inquiry.